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Getting in touch with my Ruthenian/Ukrainian Roots

Yes, I have a great love of Poland. And yes, I consider myself Polish by nationality. But, I am also part Ruthenian/Ukrainian. And that is not so unusual. You see, Poland was a very welcoming and open country, and very … Continue reading

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To Fry, or Not to Fry…That is the Question!

My mother’s mother’s parents were both from a small village in what was then Galicia, later Poland between the World Wars, and is now Ukraine. My Great-Grandfather was Polish, and my Great-Grandmother was Ruthenian. Since my earliest childhood memories, … Continue reading

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Lublin Days 2015

From July 24-26, 2015, the village of Lublin, Wisconsin will be celebrating its centennial and Lublin Days. Lots of festivities are planned, but of special note is a visit from a number of dignitaries from Lublin, WI’s sister city in … Continue reading

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Life in Faschivka–where our Cousins Live

In 2011 my cousin Alicja and I (along with her husband and son, Wojtek and Filip) visited the town that was home to my great-grandfather, Aleksandr Cymbał and my great-grandmother, Katarzyna Kucharska, before they emigrated to the US in the … Continue reading

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The Home of Jan Cymbał

Jan Cymbał is my great-great grandfather. He was born somewhere in the mid 1800’s in Tarnoruda in what was once Poland, but at that time was in the Austrian province of Galacia. At some time, he moved to the nearby … Continue reading

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Szczęśliwego Święto Dziękczynienia

Yes, that’s “Happy Thanksgiving” in Polish. It seems from what I’ve heard that people in Europe (including  Poland) are very cognizant of our US-American holidays… but we in the USA–not so much about theirs. Anyway, America (the USA) is a … Continue reading

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Wszystkich Świętych — All Saints

Today I am thinking, like a lot of people in Poland, about my ancestors who have passed before me. Today is the Feast of All Saints in Poland, a national holiday where many, many people take time to visit cemeteries … Continue reading

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Tarnoruda – St. Stanislaus Church

Today I am writing about a place that has a very special place in my heart: St. Stanislaus Polish Roman Catholic Church in Tarnoruda, Ukraine, called Kościół p.w. św. Stanisława B. M. Tarnoruda is a small town in the Khmelnytskyi … Continue reading

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I spent a most wonderful day in Tczew in September 2011 with my (3rd) cousin Irena, her daughter Barbara, and her sister-in-law Teresa. Among the high points of the day was the three meals I ate at Barbara’s restaurant, Restauracja … Continue reading

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S. + P. Moja Kuzynka Sonja

I will take a break in posting pictures of my most recent trip to Poland to tell you a bit about my previous (and first) trip, and one of the extraordinary people who was on that trip, my cousin Sonja. … Continue reading

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