Krakówian Night Life!

Kraków at night….what can I say. I was just out a bit ago for a walk around Kraków at night, and I loved what I saw. First of all, it’s a damp and rainy night, a slight rain—almost a mist but certainly wet, has been falling constantly since about 7 or so this evening. So it’s not the most enticing weather. But it’s also a Friday night. On my latest walk I basically walked down to the square (the rynek) and walked around it. There are a lot of people out and about. At one point I had a few people speak to me, but I’m not sure what their intentions were, I more or less ignored them. At another point, two nice young ladies who spoke great English introduced themselves to me. Again, I was a bit skeptical and just wished them a good evening. But all in all, it’s a very vibrant city at night, I was totally amazed. The bars and restaurants seem to be doing a fine business at this time of night.

I cannot imagine what this city and these people endured for many years under Communism, but I do know that it is a failed ideology. I know that today’s Poland, the modern Poland, is full of hope and idealism, hope for the future and the belief that Poland will prosper. I’ll tell you, based on the last thousand years of history, I have every reason to believe that will happen. So tonight, seeing all these people out and about, enjoying themselves, it gives me a big dose of hope for the future of Poland. Well, that along with a lot of other things I’ve seen on my amazing journey her. I’ll say it: Poland is a growing country, one to be watched, one to be admired, one to be invested in, be it time, money, or only the heart. I foresee great things for Poland, based on my limited experience of the past 10 days or so. But it gives me great hope for the future.

So, I saw a lot of people, mostly younger, out and about tonight. This is the future, this is the future of Poland. And I think it’s again a great future for a great race of people. I am so happy that I am a part of that race, that culture, that people!

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3 Responses to Krakówian Night Life!

  1. Marie says:

    Dear Leon,
    Thanks for your great description of your daily tour of Poland.
    I hope everyone including my brother Chris is having a great
    Thanks, Marie

  2. Aunt Mary says:

    While you are enjoying Poland, we are here in Wisc Dells at Polish Fest. It started tonight and goes through Sunday. I’m keeping up with your blog and learning a lot from it.!! Technology is wonderful.!! Glad you are able to keep all of us so informed.!! We went to the Ho-Chunk and won $330 on Sonja’s machine.!! Tell her we are keeping it warm til she gets back to the Dells.!! Keep having a great time.

  3. Debbie Williams says:

    I wonder if they have found any casinos in Poland? Or what other forms of entertaining they have that may be different!

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