Postlude to an Amazing Day

After last night, I don’t know what more to write. But I know that after I meet Alicja’s mother today, and Alicija’s sister, that I will have more to say. Bartek will also be there this morning, he is a very good translator!  He did a good job last night of taking care of several conversations at one time!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I wish I had let Alicja know much earlier that I was coming, it was just one of those tasks that I had in my mind but did not take care of in a timely fashion. But so it goes, it is what it is and we met, that’s the important thing.

You cannot believe how nice Alicja and her family are, they are wonderful people. So warm and welcoming. And I have been asked to come back next year and stay with them, and they will show me around and take me to Ukraine where our common ancestors came from.

I also learned that there are many from the family here in the Gdansk area. I believe it was Alicja’s grandfather who was resettled to this area after the war, and maybe some more, I’m not sure. But there is a lot of family here. I am so excited to meet some more in a few minutes.

Our day yesterday was very good, though long and tiring. I at least got about 5 or so hours of sleep last night, a good thing, too. Today will be an exceptional day too, I know. We will see the castle at Malbork and learn more history. Yesterday we heard all about Solidarnosc and the visit of Pope John Pall and the fall of communism from someone who lived through that time, it was extremely fascinating. I am so full of information and new things that I saw, it is literally breathtaking.

Tonight we will be in Mragowo. And if all goes well I’ll have Internet connection and can write more then. Do widzenie!

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  1. Carol Szymanski says:

    I started a comment and it’s gone somewhere!! I just visited your blog today for the first time and found it SO interesting!! I’m so glad for you and how great that Pat and Sonja are experiencing this also! How great to meet relatives in Poland also. We are looking forward to our trip and sharing your excitment and experiences makes me all the more looking forward to our trip. I am not looking forward to the plane ride but it sounds like yours was OK??? Anyway – continue enjoying! I think this will no doubt be the shortest 2 weeks of your life with all that you are packing in. You can sleep when you get home! Thanks for sharing – I appreciate it! {P.S. – Hi to Sonja and Pat)

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