Moja Miłość do Polski

My Love of Poland -- A personal web site about my love of Poland and all things Polish. Here you can find information about Poland and Polish Culture--from my own recipes and photos, my blog, my story, and Learning Polish, to links about Poland: current events, history and culture and customs.

Welcome to my "Little Poland"

 Welcome to my "Poland" web pages, but this is about more and just Poland and Polish things. It's about my heritage, about my ancestry, about things that I am passionate about.

Here's what you'll find on the following pages:

  • My Story -- More about me and my ancestry, including information about my relatives. I have information on my family tree going back to the late 1700s--all from Poland. It's a complicated picture, but a good one, too. And along the way, I've posted many pictures from my Poland and Kresy (Borderlands) travels I hope you enjoy.
  • My Blog -- I started my blog as a way to keep track and communicate to my friends and family when i made my first visit to Poland. And it served me well on my second visit as well. But it's so much more than just my travels, it's about various events in Poland, current and historic, about culture, about holidays and celebrations--about all things Polish!
  • Learn Polish -- I have been actively studying Polish for several years now. It's not an easy language to learn, but by now i can carry on at least a very basic conversation in Polish. Here I have lots of resources that I've found helpful in my quest to learn more Polish.
  • History and Culture -- Over the years, I've amassed tons of links to various web sites about all things Polish. From Wigilia (Christmas Eve) traditions, to history, to culture, to current events, to Kolędy (Polish Christmas Carols), and even to shopping resources on the web, I've compliled all these links so I can have all this information at my fingertips. I hope you find it useful as well.
  • Contact Me -- I admit it, I'm an email junkie. So the best way to contact me is via email. But I also pay attention to Facebook and Twitter. So there is always a way to get hold of me.

I hope you enjoy, and I'm always interested in your comments. Feel free to email me anytime, for any reason. Do zobaczenie!

My Story

My friend Ewa, who was born in Warsaw, says I am more Polish that she is. I think it is true. Though born of Polish parents (with a hint of Ukrainian mixed in) here in the United States, I am a second and third generation Polish-American. My grandparents (on one side) and great-grandparents (on the other) were all born in what was at one time Poland, they were Polish--with perhaps a hint of Ukrainian thrown in for good measure.

Growing up, I heard a lot of Polish spoken, listened to Polish music and Kolędy, and attended church--in Polish. But I never learned to speak it beyond a few words--not all of them good, either.

As life has gone on, I have become increasingly interested in Poland and all things Polish--to the point that it consumes me heart and soul at some times. Thsi web site is a result of that love, My love of Poland, or "Moja miłość do Polski."