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Learn to Speak Polish

This page is a resource for learning Polish. The links point to many great sites and activities that you can use to help you learn Polish

Main GO-TO web sites:  These are my main places to go for help:

Dictionaries/Translate Pages

  • University of Pittsburgh Online Dictionary and resources. Not only a great dictionary and resource, but also has many good resources including Library of some great stories in Polish. A real must-have
  • Google Translate Polish into English--or vice versa. The translations can be somewhat misleading, so a good basic knowledge of Polish grammar can be very helpful, but still can give you the "sense" of a paragraph or two.
  • English-Polish Online Dictionary--a great place to learn about related words as well, and to see examples of a word used in context--in a sentence.
  • Another Polish-English Dictionary--you can also learn more about conjugation and phrases here, among other things.

Learning Polish Resources

  • Duolingo--sign up for Polish (other languages available) and start learning and practicing Polish today.
  • Learn Real Polish at can listed to their hundreds of podcasts for free, and sign up for the VIP club for premium content as well as podcast transcriptions (into Polish, of course!)
  • Online Polish Keyboard--allows you to type with Polish characters online
  • Uczmy Się Polskiego (Let's Learn Polish)--Some YouTube videos that can help you learn Polish.
  • Learn Polish Online (Mówić po Polsku)--Another web site where you can learn polish Online, including pronounciation, phrases, numbers, and more.
  • Po polsku po Polsce--A project of the Jagiellonian University, this site uses interaction to help you learn some common Polish.
  • Polish Language Podcasts--On YouTube. These podcasts allow you to listen to and learn Polish--some Polish required for best results.













Learning Polish

Polish is said to be a hard language to learn, but that does not mean it's not a worthwhile endeavor.