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Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m Leon. My father’s parents were both born in Poland, and all of my mother’s grandparents were born in Poland. Well, in reality Poland as a nation did not exist when they left. But they were from what at one time had been Poland. They all came to the US between about 1886 and 1907. They left their families and friends behind to come to the greatest country on earth and to start new lives for themselves and their families. They were wildly successful–there are a lot of us, their descendants, here now. I have not forgotten all they did to bring me the good life I enjoy. This blog and this web site were inspired by them, and are a tribute to all of them and their hard work, and to all my family and friends, Polish-American or not.

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  1. Rick Dickert says:

    Hi Leon, how excited you must be! This will be a great adventure and we can’t wait to follow your Polish exploits and see the pictures when you return. Have a great time!

  2. Joanne Konieczny says:

    I am so thrilled to read all about your trip to Poland. You could well write a book .. How wonderful that you got to meet Alicia and family members..I remember when you and Alicia first wrote to each other way back when and the pictures she sent of some of her lovely family..I feel like I am there with you all.. Now what is Grandpa Alex Symbals brothers name who lived there?? We also have a Szczech cousin who lives in Poland . but I don’t have his address or city, but it’s near the homeplace near the Tatra Mountains where the Szczech family came from. And Koniecznys are from Pieczkovo, near Katowice , Pope John Pauls home. I don’t know if ther are living relatives left there. I like your way of entering polish words. Butter is Maslo (pronounced maswo) in polish.
    Leon, we are there in spirit thru you…and enjoying reading all about your great adventure. Hi to Pat & Sonja, too and Chris,too.

  3. Elaine Majka says:

    I concur with Joanne, your writings are marvelous Leon. It reminds me of my mom’s and aunts’ writings, they too, wrote very well in expressing themselves.

    Just a reminder that Pat will be celebrating her “???” (I’m not telling) birthday with you all on the 6th so if you would, give her a toast with whatever from me would you?

    Again, thank you for this travelogue with you all. Elaine

  4. Tim Konieczny says:

    I also enjoyed reading about your trip to Poland. I have long thought about a trip myself, and although it might never happen, you have inspired me. I live in Ontario Canada, and my dad was also born in Canada, but would love to see my Polish roots.

  5. Brian Kasler says:

    I have been looking for the Konieczny family crest and cannot find it online. My great-grandmother was born Bronislawa Konieczny in Podgorze, Kreis Thorn, Poland on 12 September 1880. Her parents were Lucas Konieczny and Rosalie Sieraszewska. She had two sisters, Marie & Franziska and two brothers, Paul and one I do not know.

    It was said in the family that there was a signet ring that was lost in WWII and that there was also some type of royalty associated with the family. I assume the signet ring had the family crest on it.

    Is there a copy of the crest out there somewhere? And are the Konieczny family linked to the Czars of Russia?

  6. Jeff Kotowski says:

    Leon, thank you for the beautiful pictures that you have posted here! I can see the love of the country through your camera lens. My grandfather came from Poland and I can see now why he settled where he did in the U.S., it must have reminded him so much of home. I hope you enjoyed our connection as much as I did; I also hope the group you meet with enjoys the compassion exercise in polish! Keep going!

  7. kevin zygadlo says:

    my great grandfather name was leon kozloska married to Jozepfina Koczap his daughter was my grandmother elzabetha koslowska zygadlo .Best as I understand she was born around 1893 somewhere near krakow. She also had a sister that imigrated ot the area of lowell,ma with here.

    anyhow I visit Poland at least twice a year and do business there and have travel there since 1988. Best place in the world!!!

  8. Sławomir says:

    Hi Leon,
    I have met you in a website for language learners, I said then to you I was pleasantly surprised by your website. It is very nice for me (I’m a Pole) that such site exists, in my opinion it’s crucial issue also for Polish people in Poland. I mean describing Poland and Polish culture by foreigners (despite the fact you’re of Polish roots) in English language – I can also say the way you write suits to my feelings.
    Great job, thank you Leon!

    Witaj Leon!
    Spotkaliśmy się na portalu językowym, powiedziałem Ci wówczas, ze jestem mile zaskoczony Twoją stroną internetową. Dla mnie to bardzo miłe (jestem Polakiem), że taka strona istnieje, moim zdaniem jest bardzo istotne także dla Polaków w Polsce. Mam na myśli opisywanie Polski, polskiej kultury przez obcokrajowców (pomijając to, że masz polskie korzenie), w języku angielskim – powiem także, że sposób w jaki piszesz odpowiada moim uczuciom.
    Świetna robota, dziękuję Leonie!
    (I hope Polish characters are displayed correctly)

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