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Joseph Szczęch and Bernice Symbal Wedding

I am starting a new series of posts in my Poland Blog, a series on my family’s history. This is the first post in that series, about the wedding of my maternal Grandparents, Joe and Bernice (Symbal) Szczech. Pictures are … Continue reading

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100 Year Ago Today–The Battle of Warsaw

Most western schools don’t mention the significance of 15 August 1920, but an event happened that day that is significant in the history of the west and for Europe–the Battle of Warsaw. Following Poland’s re-emergence as a nation in 1918 … Continue reading

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My Kraków

W moim serce, wiem, że jestem Polakiem –Leon G. Konieczny I’ve always known that I was Polish, even though I was born in the USA. How’d I know? I guess because my all of immigrant ancestors came to the United … Continue reading

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Tadeusz Kościuszko and Thomas Jefferson's African American Slaves– a lesson for Black History Month

Today is the birthday of Polish hero of the American Revolution, Tadeusz Kościuszko, born on 04 February 1746.  We all know the part he played in the American Revolutionary War, and he oversaw the construction of state-of-the-art fortifications, including West … Continue reading

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

75 years ago today, the Red Army “liberated” Auschwitz and filmed and documented the horrors they uncovered at that Nazi concentration camp. Today, January 27, 2020, the world remembers the Holocaust in hopes that it will not happen again, and … Continue reading

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Leon's Top Secret Turkey Dressing Recipe**

I’ve decided to spill the beans and post my updated Top Secret Turkey Dressing Recipe.** I guess since I’m Polish, this makes it a Polish Turkey Dressing Recipe. The key secret ingredient is quiet Polish: Vegeta! There is no right … Continue reading

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A Pierogi Dilemma–to boil then freeze, or freeze, then boil….

I love pierogi. I love to eat them, love to make them, and nearly always have several dozen on hand–just for emergencies. First, my “credentials.” I started life as a pierogi-eater. They were always a special treat, and we had … Continue reading

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Poland 2019 Photo Album

Finally! Since we returned from Poland in mid-September, I’ve been going through all my photos and reliving our experience there. And now I am done. All my photos are posted on my web site below. There are a lot of … Continue reading

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80 Years Ago Today–A Dark Day in History

On September 17, 1939, Poland’s fate and freedom were sealed. While Germany invaded on September 1st, it was the Soviet Invasion on the 17th that sealed Poland’s fate. Stalin and Hitler had one goal–to wipe Poland off the face of … Continue reading

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Poland 2019 — Day 04

Well, the wedding is over, and in a later post I’ll explain why we went to bed at 2:30, well before the party ended about 4 AM, and why I got up about 10 AM this morning. But once we … Continue reading

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