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To Fry, or Not to Fry…That is the Question!

My mother’s mother’s parents were both from a small village in what was then Galicia, later Poland between the World Wars, and is now Ukraine. My Great-Grandfather was Polish, and my Great-Grandmother was Ruthenian. Since my earliest childhood memories, … Continue reading

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Not Your Grandma’s Pączki

I love to make my own pączki, much like my mother still does, and the way her mother did, and was taught by her mother’s mother. You get what I’m saying, right? There is a long family tradition here. And … Continue reading

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Opłatek — A Polish Christmas Tradition

Today is December 24th, Christmas Eve. In many Polish households in Poland and throughout the world, tonight they will celebrate Wigilia, a traditional Polish Christmas Eve meal. Traditionally, once the youngest child see the first star in the sky (gwiazdka), … Continue reading

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Life in Faschivka–where our Cousins Live

In 2011 my cousin Alicja and I (along with her husband and son, Wojtek and Filip) visited the town that was home to my great-grandfather, Aleksandr Cymbał and my great-grandmother, Katarzyna Kucharska, before they emigrated to the US in the … Continue reading

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2013 Pierogi Party

Leon and Ewa’s 9th annual Pierogi Party is over, and once again it was a resounding success. We made 8 batches of the world’s best pierogi dough, filled 343 pierogi, and did a mound of dishes. Along the way we … Continue reading

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Pierogi Eating Party

In December I wrote about our 8th annual Pierogi Party, where a group of us made nearly 40 dozen pierogi, with the promise of eventually having a party to eat them. Well, in January my friends Ewa and Joe hosted … Continue reading

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Name that Dish!

OK, i have invented a new dish, a new food. But I need a name for it. I’ll tell you what’s in it and how I did it, but I need you to help me name it. Here’s a picture … Continue reading

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Pierogi Party 2012

Well, the 2012 Pierogi Party is history, and we made a record number of pierogi. The 8th annual Pierogi Party was also the biggest I’ve had, with 16 of us. This year I invited my Polish class, and a number … Continue reading

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Pierogi Party Recipes

Today is the day of my 8th annual pierogi party. I want to “immortalize” two recipes that will play a bit part in our pierogi-making today, my favorite pierogi dough recipe, and a fresh cheese recipe–I use the fresh cheese … Continue reading

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Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek)

Today is Fat Thursday in Poland (Tłusty Czwartek in Polish). On this day, traditionally, people and shops make and eat pączki, Polish Donuts that are yeast dough and deep fried in fat. They are yummy. When I was young, I … Continue reading

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