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Getting in touch with my Ruthenian/Ukrainian Roots

Yes, I have a great love of Poland. And yes, I consider myself Polish by nationality. But, I am also part Ruthenian/Ukrainian. And that is not so unusual. You see, Poland was a very welcoming and open country, and very … Continue reading

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Moja Miłość do Kolęd — My love of Polish Carols

One of my earliest childhood memories of Christmas is going to midnight Mass (after our traditional Christmas Eve dinner–Wigilia) and hearing the choir at my grandparent’s decidedly Polish Catholic Church in rural Thorp, Wisconsin  (St. Hedwig’s) singing Polish Christmas Carols–kolędy. I … Continue reading

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To Fry, or Not to Fry…That is the Question!

My mother’s mother’s parents were both from a small village in what was then Galicia, later Poland between the World Wars, and is now Ukraine. My Great-Grandfather was Polish, and my Great-Grandmother was Ruthenian. Since my earliest childhood memories, … Continue reading

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Polish Stars

Polish Stars are a beautiful, traditional Polish ornament that anyone can make. They take a bit of time, but are very easy to do. Here’s just a few of the ones that we’ve made recently: On Friday November 27th, 2015, … Continue reading

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Island of Princes — Where did Poland come from?

The origins of Poland are steeped in mystery and history, but now a bit more is known. The beginning of Poland is often traced to 966 and the baptism of Mieszkow I, the first Piast King whose acceptance of Christianity … Continue reading

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I am in Poland every day of the week–yet at home in Florida, USA

I am totally blessed. You see, I get to spend some time in Poland every day of the week, and from the luxury of my home office in sunny Florida, USA. How do I do it? It’s easy, it’s called … Continue reading

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Walentynki — Valentine’s Day in Poland

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in Poland in recent times–since the collapse communism and the opening of Poland’s borders. Poles were very quick to adopt Valentine’s Day, and now it’s very popular, as much in Poland as anywhere else. Poles … Continue reading

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Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Are you interested in seeing a great view of “old Poland” along with some of the new? Well, you can. The Trail (route) of Eagles’ Nests (in Polish, Szlak Orlich Gniazd) is a marked hiking/bike trail in southwestern Poland generally running … Continue reading

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Opłatek — A Polish Christmas Tradition

Today is December 24th, Christmas Eve. In many Polish households in Poland and throughout the world, tonight they will celebrate Wigilia, a traditional Polish Christmas Eve meal. Traditionally, once the youngest child see the first star in the sky (gwiazdka), … Continue reading

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Szczęśliwego Święto Dziękczynienia

Yes, that’s “Happy Thanksgiving” in Polish. It seems from what I’ve heard that people in Europe (including  Poland) are very cognizant of our US-American holidays… but we in the USA–not so much about theirs. Anyway, America (the USA) is a … Continue reading

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