Polish Stars

Polish Stars are a beautiful, traditional Polish ornament that anyone can make. They take a bit of time, but are very easy to do. Here’s just a few of the ones that we’ve made recently:

On Friday November 27th, 2015, for the Sanford Art Walk, I will be in front of Gallery on First demonstrating how to make these. If you’d like to make your own, stop on by, or read/view the following. They really are easy to make, once you get the hang of it.

There is a great online tutorial here: http://80thbirthdaypresents.org/polish-star-christmas-ornament.

You can read more online directions here:

And here is a YouTube Video showing detailed instructions: https://youtu.be/7JXWXG3hsRg.

Paper and size: You can use various types of paper and sizes, but you don’t want the paper to be to thick or it’ll be hard to roll. Here’s what we’ve used”

  • Origami Paper: comes in 6″x 6″ squares, bright colors, and can be found at many craft stores as well as online. It is easy to fold and cut with minimal waste.
  • Gift wrap: foil works especially well, but any give wrap will do. A good way to recycle, too.
  • Magazine Photos: Yes, you can even use magazine photos, they work quite well, actually. The one closest to the top right corner of the photo above is one made from magazine pictures.
  • Send me your suggestions, I’d love to try something new.
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  1. Beautiful! I am not Polish but married into a Polish family with a lot of interesting stories and traditions. My wife just made her annual Kolachki. I will pass along this Polish tradition to incorporate into our festivities. Thanks.
    Eric Dusenbery

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