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27 Reason not to Visit Poland

If you like to remain uninformed, if you do not appreciate art and culture, if you’d rather remain ignorant about history and geography, and if you would rather lead a boring, mundane life, then I have the perfect solution for … Continue reading

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Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Are you interested in seeing a great view of “old Poland” along with some of the new? Well, you can. The Trail (route) of Eagles’ Nests (in Polish, Szlak Orlich Gniazd) is a marked hiking/bike trail in southwestern Poland generally running … Continue reading

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Battle of Khotyn (Chocim): November 11, 1673

It was 340 years ago today that a significant battle was fought at the fortress of Chocim (today Khotyn in Ukraine) between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s forces led by hetman (miliary chief commander) Jan Sobieski and the Ottoman Empire forces let … Continue reading

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Zdjęcia z Polski i Kresów

In my trips to Poland, have have been fortunate to take a number of photographs of the site and people of Poland the the borderlands–specifically Ukraine, so far. Some of them are just OK, yet remind me of the places … Continue reading

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diabelski młyn Kraków

Would you like to have a new view of one of Poland’s most marvelous cities? Well, the next time you’re in Kraków, you’ll need to visit its new 12-story high Ferris Wheel (diabelski młyn or “devil’s mill” in Polish). Read … Continue reading

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