27 Reason not to Visit Poland

If you like to remain uninformed, if you do not appreciate art and culture, if you’d rather remain ignorant about history and geography, and if you would rather lead a boring, mundane life, then I have the perfect solution for you: Do not visit Poland. If you do, your boring, mundane, uncultured, uninformed, and lackluster life will be forever ruined, forever changed, because you’ll discover a priceless gem in all of the preceding categories. So be careful, don’t read on, let you be hooked by Poland and all its charms, drawn in by it’s magic, and become a Pola-holic or Pola-phile like me. Once you step over that threshold and learn about Poland, you won’t be able to turn back, your safe and isolated existence will be forever changed, you’ll be drawn into my world, my love of Poland.

I warned you, but if you must, read on to find out 27 good reasons why you should not visit Poland here:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/annaneyman/27-reasons-you-should-never-visit-poland? I hope you have a strong will, because once you read the above, you’ll be drawn in, unable to resist. Why, I imagine within day’s you’ll be seeing out the best airfares and times to visit. And you may just run into me there. You see, I’ve had a drink of this Kool-aid, I’ve succumbed to Polands magical, mystical charms, I am hooked, addicted. I spend all my waking time thinking and dreaming about how I can next go back to Poland to see what I’ve missed on my previous visits, and uncover new treasures. They are everywhere.




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