Island of Princes — Where did Poland come from?

The origins of Poland are steeped in mystery and history, but now a bit more is known. The beginning of Poland is often traced to 966 and the baptism of Mieszkow I, the first Piast King whose acceptance of Christianity was seen as a unifying force and also as the best route for surivial of the so-called “Polanians” from where we get the name Poland. But who were these first rules of Poland, and what was that time like? Well, fortunately, history and archeology combined with science are able to provide us some clues.

To learn more about the beginnings of Poland and about an archaeologically and historically significant place called Ostrów Lednicki , an Island thought to hold clues about the first leaders of Poland as a nation. Fortunately, there is an excellent video, in English, which is a fascinating study of what has been found at Ostrów Lednicki. The video is called “Island of Princes” (Wyspa Władców in Polish) and you can see it here: I have watched it several times now. It’s a fascinating look into life at the very beginnings of the Polish state. Note: it’s about 45 minutes long, but well worth your time if you have any interest at all in Polish history.

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