Lublin Days 2015

From July 24-26, 2015, the village of Lublin, Wisconsin will be celebrating its centennial and Lublin Days. Lots of festivities are planned, but of special note is a visit from a number of dignitaries from Lublin, WI’s sister city in Poland, Lublin, Poland. Below you will find an outline of the festivities and schedule.

Whis is this of such great interest to me, you might ask?

  1. My Dad and my Mom grew up and, in their early years, lived not far from Lublin, WI and we have many relatives in that area to this day.
  2. My first trip to Poland was a tour organized by Chris Kulinski of Lublin, and he is one of the organizers of Lublin Days.
  3. Many of the people I went with to Poland in 2010 on my first trip there will be attendance, as well a handful of relatives as well.
  4. I’ve visited Lublin, Poland, a beautiful city, and rich in history.
  5. My Dad’s parents and his brother are all buried in Lublin, as well as other relatives.

For all of those reasons, Tommy and I are planning on attending Lublin Days, we’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday, and have tickets for the Dignitary Dinner on Saturday. I can’t wait! And I hope to see you there.


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