I am in Poland every day of the week–yet at home in Florida, USA

I am totally blessed. You see, I get to spend some time in Poland every day of the week, and from the luxury of my home office in sunny Florida, USA. How do I do it? It’s easy, it’s called the Internet!  I am Facebook friends with a few people with ties to Poland, but much more so, I follow various Polish Facebook groups. This morning if got on Facebook only to discover a wonderful video from Kazimierz Dolny, a city I visited in 2010. But now I got to see the bird’s eye view, and got to see the castle ruins which were closed when I was there.

Every day when I check out Facebook, I find news and information and pictures about and from Poland. Often times they take me back to my visits there, and they always make me long to visit again. Yes, my heart truly is in Poland and i long to return again and again and again. But luckily through the modern miracle of the Internet, with Facebook and various web sites, i can wander the streets of Kraków one minute, see Kazimierz Dolny from the air another minute, and peruse a 150-year-old map of Galicia–where some of my ancestors lived–the next minute. It is wonderful. But it often brings two tears to my eyes. The first tear, for the memory of what I’ve already seen and experience. And the second tear, the longing to return again, to visit Poland and the Kresy (borderlands) to see and experience even more…..

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