Walentynki — Valentine’s Day in Poland

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in Poland in recent times–since the collapse communism and the opening of Poland’s borders. Poles were very quick to adopt Valentine’s Day, and now it’s very popular, as much in Poland as anywhere else.

Poles celebrate Valentine’s Day (Walentynki) with heart-themed items including greeting cards, candies and cookies and other gives. Many restaurants and resorts offer special romantic packages as well.

Some Poles make a pilgrimage to Chełmno, a small town in west-central Poland where some relics of the real St. Valentine have been preserved for hundreds of years at the local church. In fact, it has become a multi-day event in Chełmno where the main square becomes a fairyland with a huge electronic heart that glows in the night. The festivities end with a spectacular fireworks display.

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji Walentynek!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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