The Savior of Christendom

I have a special place in my heart for Jan III Sobieski (1629-1696), King of Poland from 1674 until his death in 1696. Perhaps in part this is because I have read all about him in the excellent book “JAN SOBIESKI: The King Who Saved Europe” by Miltiades Varvounis, an excellent read, well worth your time. Perhaps in part it’s because I have visited many of the key places in his life, including his birthplace, Olesko, and visited some of the sites of notable battles in his live, including Chocim and a number of others places. But I will always remember him as the person who “stepped up to the plate,” so to speak. When all of Christian western Europe was threatened by a vastly superior Turkish force that had laid siege to Vienna, it was Jan III Sobieski, a seasoned military commander, who led an army 1/4 the size of the invading Turks, and decisively defeated them at the Battle of Vienna, thus earning, from the Pope, the title, “Savior of Christendom.” To my mind, Jan III Sobieski saved Europe. We need another Jan III Sobieski today. Today I honor his memory, and remember his life and the day he passed, 320 years ago today. I am honored that in 2010, i was able to visit his tomb in Wawel, Kraków. S. + P.

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