The Countdown to Poland 2019 is on….

The time for our trip to Poland is fast approaching, and we’re getting excited about it. Yesterday we picked up our International Driving Permits–we’ll be renting a car to get around Poland. That will allow us to stop where we want, go where we want, and maybe see a bit of the countryside and less touristy places.

In my last post about our trip (, I basically outlined our itinerary, though in part it’s still under development. I’ve saved a lot of online articles that give a lot of good advice of what to see and do, so those will help us along a lot.

In general, this will be our route, though it’s certainly subject to change:

Mostly we know where we’re spending the nights and some of the highlights in between cities. In the cities themselves, we’ll see how much time we have. My current plan is to get to the hotel and park, then walk to whatever we want to see. If we walk too far, we can Uber or Taxi or some other way get back. We also plan to take a scenic route into Zakopane, that should give us a great view of the Carpathians.

So, right now, we are busy planning, reading, and dreaming. But most of all, we’re looking forward to attending the wedding of Bartosz and Joanna–that will be the highlight of our trip!

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