Poland 2919 – Day 02

We started today at out hotel in Warsaw with breakfast, a hot breakfast, and it was very good. They had a wide variety of selections and we got full. After that, we got cleaned up and hit the road.

The trip to Malbork Castle took about four hours ,mostly express roads, but some slower roads as well. I drove about half, and Tommy about half. We arrived at Malbork a bit after one.

We signed up for and took the full audio tour. It was fantastic. Malbork is Europe’s largest (in area) brick castle and dates from the 13th and 14th centuries, though much was also damaged by various wars, but has been in large part meticulously restored. We saw lots and even climbed the 200+ Steps to the castle tower which gave a commanding view of the countryside. It’s a castle that was never captured and has a rich history.

Eventually we headed to our hotel in Gdańsk. It is one block from the square, and one block from Neptune’s Fountain. Talk about location. We walked to the square, had a drink, then walked some more. The square and old city were packed with people—on a Thursday night!

At one point we visited St. Mary’s Basilica, one of the largest brick churches in Europe, said to hold 25,000 people. There was a service going on so we only saw it from the back.

Later we walked along the Motława River a ways, then back. Eventually we had dinner—a very good dinner—at Mono, the restaurant attached to our hotel. Afterward we walked around even more, and eventually stopped for a nightcap.

Gdańsk downtown is a vibrant city, busy on a weeknight, full of people, music, food, drink, vendors, and even buskers. It is really an alive, vibrant city.

We are having a blast. But tomorrow will be even more so when we attend a Polish wedding in Poland.

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