Poland 2019 — Day 06

Day six started innocuously enough—another fine Polish breakfast at our hotel. Bot soon we were on the road to the first of our objectives for the day, the city of Bydgoszcz.

Why Bydgoszcz? Why not—I’d never been there. It’s a fantastic old city with a lot of history and has a nice city square. We parked nearby and walked around for about an hour. There is a sobering plaque on the town square, a memorial to the local citizens murdered there by the Germans in 1939, and a big memorial that has lots of flowers by it, remembering the victims of World War II from 1939-1945.

My pictures from Bydgoszcz are here: https://photos.leonkonieczny.com/Poland-2019-Vacation/09-02.Bydgoszcz/index.html

Eventually we took off and headed to Biskupin. It is an archeological site that has remains of human activity dating back to the 8th century BCE. On the site there are some reconstructions of the buildings that were erected by the Lusatians around 800 BCE, as well as some Slavic buildings (reconstructions) from around 500-800 CE (AD). It was very educational to see this historically significant site and the reconstructions.

My pictures from Biskupin are here: https://photos.leonkonieczny.com/Poland-2019-Vacation/09-02.Biskupin/index.html

Finall, we headed to our evening destination, Gniezno. Often considered the first (ancient) capital of Poland, we visited the Cathedral there, said to house the relics of St. Adalbert, patron saint of Poland. It was quite impressive. We also enjoyed the square and the old town, it’s a very cool place.

My pictures from Gniezno are here: https://photos.leonkonieczny.com/Poland-2019-Vacation/09-02.Gniezno/index.html

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