Poland 2019 — Day 12

Today we left Kraków and headed to our vacation’s starting point, Warsaw. It’d rained overnight in Kraków, though stopped about the time we were ready to leave.

The trip to Warsaw was uneventful, mostly on good roads, expressway, but a lot of rain along the way. But about 4 hours later we were in Warsaw, at our hotel for the next two nights. Once checked in, we relaxed for a bit, a bit tired from the 4-hour trip. But soon enough we took off for some adventure.

We took a long walk, through the lower part of the old town, across the Wisła (Vistula) River, to the Praga district, to see a magnificent, beautiful piece of architecture, the baroque church, the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel and St. Florian the Martyr. It was quite the walk, but so cool to see. And to be in Praga, too.

My pictures from the Cathedral in the Praga district are here: https://photos.leonkonieczny.com/Poland-2019-Vacation/09-08.Warsaw.Praga/index.html

Then we headed back to the old town and were just tourists there. We had drinks on the square by the old king’s Palace. Then walked around a bit. Eventually we settled on a place for dinner and had a good, traditional, Polish dinner. Tommy hade a potato pancake with goulash that was very good. I started with a clear barszcz with mushroom uszki. Then I had some fried sauerkraut as a side with two sausages, one smoked, one white (not smoked). All was fantastic, very good. We walked around a bit more, enjoying the old town. Some Buskers were out and they were very good. There was also a Polish country music-style group playing, also very good. Warsaw was sure alive and well tonight.

Eventually we made out way back to our hotel. I posted some pics and video on Facebook but can’t wait to get home and really post some good pics. Are you enjoying my blog? Leave a comment!

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