Poland Day 13

I do not have a lot to write about this day, but still it was a fun day.

I went down for breakfast at 7 AM only to find that it didn’t start until 7:30. Perfect! I went for a walk to the Kraków square. It was strangely silent there, a testament to the importance of Sunday, the Lord’s Day, in Poland. There were a few people about but not many at all, not like Saturday morning. I did see quite a few pigeons sleeping, that was about it.

Eventually I had my breakfast and then we were on the bus and off for our first adventure of the day, a stop at the mound dedicated to Tadeuz Kościuszko. If you do not know who he is, then shame on you. He is one of the heroes of the American Revolution, a Polish military expert who helped us gain our independence from the English. Of course he came to the colonies and helped us, hoping that in return we’d help protect Poland from those who were preying on her at that time. He was mistaken, not the first time that the United States left Poland to the dogs, so to speak. But we in the US owe a lot to his military expertise….like our freedom!

The mound is an amazing place, a big man-made hill, made up or dirt that people brought to honor him after his death, not only from Poland but from all the battlefields he fought on in the American colonies. I climbed to the top of it and saw quite a spectacular panoramic view of Krakow, even on a cloudy day. Quite impressive. Also there was a wax museum there that we visited, depicting a number of Polish heroes. Believe me, if you are Polish, even just a part, you have an awful lot to be proud of.

Eventually it was back on the bus and headed to Wrocław. But first a stop at Opole for lunch. We had a very nice lunch here in a Manor built in the early 19th century by a German landowner. After World War II, the Germans in the area were “relocated” to Germany. But after the fall of communism in 1989, this place was eventually bought and restored and now is a very nice place where we had lunch.

Our soup was a źurek, and it was very good, full of egg and kiełbasa and all kinds of great flavor.  Four our main course we had chicken and potates, covered with a white mushroom sauce, and nice, fresh Polish mushrooms. It was outstanding. Wow, what flavor. I wish I could take home a gallon of that sauce. We also had some carrots and broccoli with the main course. Our dessert was a layered dessert of cake, a coconut flavored layer, and a pudding type of filling that was absolutely delicious and contained some nuts, I’m not sure what they were. All I know is that it was very good. We also had coffee/tea. A very good meal, and quite filling.

Then we hit the road again, and arrived at Wrocław about an hour later, this time at the home of some friends of Chris. Talk about Polish hospitality. We had quite another feast there, from fresh peaches and blueberries, to polish sausage and kabunosy, to cheese and candies and pickles, quite the feast. We topped it off with beer and coffee, and finished with some very good dessert. It was very nice to be welcomed into their home and to have this wonderful feast.

Eventually, we had to leave and got to hour hotel, not very far from the square near downtown Wrocław. Once settled in a bit, I went for a walk with Pam and Jeanne to the square where we had a beer and enjoyed the atmosphere. Once back at the hotel, Pam and I had another beer (OK, I’ll admit that I also had a Żubrówka, I think I’m addicted to that stuff), and for now, that’s the end of the story of this day.

However, some of our group are playing cards on the first floor, so I think I’ll wander down there with my camera and take a few pictures. I’ve had a full day and am tired, but there is so little time left. I know I can sleep on the plane and when I get home, I don’t want to miss a minute of whatever I can see here in Poland!

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6 Responses to Poland Day 13

  1. Donna says:

    Wish I could taste some of those Polish mushrooms. You know what a weakness I have for those! I’m glad you’re taking pictures of the people on your tour, too. You can’t help but become friends with some after spending so much time together.

  2. mary says:

    wow…the time is dwindling down…hope you haved enjoyed it, you’ve certainly made it fun for us…..and hoping i guess is a vicarious word….we’ve been able to read of all your experiences, and travel a bit with you……what a trip, what an overview, what food, and what fun….when you get on that plane to go home….well a fond farewell to your first experience, your mind is turning to the next one…what fun and what a great vacation!!!!!

  3. Jean says:

    Leon, I am so enjoying reading about your trip. I know your time there is growing short, but you will have so many memories to take with you, so many pictures to process, and so much to tell many of us about in person….and then you will have the next trip to look forward to! I can’t thank you enough for sharing this journey with so many of us! And once again, I’m looking forward to your next blog post….

  4. Joanne Konieczny says:

    Thank you Leon for sharing with so many of us your experiences on this wonderful Poland trip. The places you’ve seen, the history, the food, people you’ve met there and also the people in your tour group.. It made us feel like we were almost there,too.
    Thanks a million !! Have safe travels all the way back home. Kocham ciebie, (love you) Mom/Dad.

  5. Aunt Mary says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. How sad your vacation is coming to an end.!! I will miss looking for and reading your blog.!! You did a great job telling us about your adventure.!!
    Thank you very much, and have a safe trip home.!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures.!

  6. Sue says:

    I have soooo enjoyed your blog! What a wonderful way to hear about your adventures… I will miss not getting my daily dose of Poland!!! Thanks, and I can’t wait to see the pictures… But, most importantly, thanks for caring for my mom. She wouldn’t have taken this trip without you and Pat!!!! THANK YOU!!!….

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