I just can’t get enough!

I just can’t get enough. I was thinking, later this afternoon, about my trip to Poland. And so for the last hour and a half, I pulled out my map of Poland, my notebook from the trip, and the trip itinerary. And I journeyed through Poland again, putting tiny little post-it notes by all the various cities we visited. My oh my, we sure saw a lot in the 14 days we were there. Small towns, villages, hamlet, cities and even large cities. We did it all.  I would not want to try to count the number of times we crossed the Wisła  (Vistula) River which enters the Baltic near Gdansk but has it origins far away as you can see in the map on the right (from Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vistula). We stayed near and crossed it a number of times. Due to a lot of rain, it was flooded in some areas and we had to use a few alternate routes due to bridges out. The towns we were in that are on the Wisła   include Warszawa, Puławy, Kazimierz Dolny, Sandomierz, Baranów Sandomierski, Kraków, Oświęcim, to name a few. It is certainly a dominant feature of Poland and of central Europe.

But see, I have digressed, and that’s what I’m talking about. I start out thinking about Poland, then looking things up, reading, searching the web, and before you know it an hour or more has passed. I am not complaining. I am learning a lot. But it seems that I just cannot get enough of Poland. I am still soaking it in, still learning more about what it was I saw and did when I was there.

I am getting a great education in the meantime, learning a lot, and also wanting to learn more. My learning is fueling my desire to learn more. I do not know if or when it will stop, and that’s fine by me. I can’t wait until my next trip to Poland, and that will be sooner rather than later, I know it!

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