Kolędy Extravaganza

I have spent a good part of the day playing various  Kolędy CDs that I have. So I thought it may be a good idea to give some reviews and info about some of them. Here is some info on the first 10 I listened to today:

Najpiękniejsze Kolędy Polskie by the Harfa Men’s Choir

  • This is a beautifully done CD of very reverently sung Kolędy, Hearing all the men’s voices brings me back to my days in the Seminary—I remember the first time I heard a chorus of all men, and that was amazing. This music is equally amazing.

Wesołych Świąt by Alibabki

  •  Alibabki is a female soft rock group and that is the sprit that they bring to their Kolędy. I’d say that they remind me a bit of ABBA in a way. Upbeat music with a bit of soul. They also have some kids (maybe theirs) singing on some of the songs, and it lends an air of joy to this album. Add to that the guitars, synthesizers, and even violins, and you have a very fun album. 

Kolęda na Cały Rok sung by Ewa Bem and arranged by Andrzej Jagodziński

  •  I like the sound of Ewa Bem. She has a bit of a raspy, throaty voice and sings in a sort of cabaret style. I envision here singing to Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca!  Beautiful arrangements and a wonderful voice, this is a very nice collection of Kolędy.

 Kolędy Dzień jeden w roku by various artists

  • This CD has a number of artists doing music in a very upbeat and modern way somewhat bordering on rock. There are only a few selections I recognize as traditional Kolędy, but the music is good. A group whose sound I like, Czerwony Gitary, does quite a few of these—they have a sound reminiscent of the early Beatles.

Gwiazdy na Gwiazdkę by various artists

  •  Apparently all the artists on the CD are celebrities (the title is Celebrities at Christmas) and I can see why. I like most every song on this album. It’s a nice variety of styles and voices. If I had to categorize it, I’d call it very light jazz/pop/modern. Very easy to listen to.

Krakowski Chór Kameralny śpiewa kolędy by the Krakowski Chór Kameralny

  • This is carols done in true big choir style with all the harmony and contrast that goes along with it. Very easy to listen to and very reverently done.

Oj Malućki, Malućki by the Górale Kolędowanie

  • These are Kolędy done in true Górale style, both in tempo and instrumentation. Very much like folk music versions of these favorites.

Kolędy Staropolskie by various artists

  •  These are done in a small choir or group format, somewhat operatic in style, but with a big sound. Very solemn and reverent with nice harmonies.

 kolędy śpiewa zespȯł by Śląsk

  • What can I say about Śląsk? I have never seen this song and dance and orchestra troupe in person but I do have a DVD of theirs. They sing and dance and play music and it’s awesome. This CD has the big group sound and is very easy to listen to.

Hey, Kolęda by Poznański Zespół Dziecięcy “Erato”

  • What can I say? This is a childrens’ group/choir and is very good. The kids’ voices bring a lot of joy to all the songs. I always enjoy listening to his CD.

Well, that is the first 10 of my CDs. There are more, but I’m out of time for today. Enjoy!

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  1. Aunt Mary says:

    Hi Leon- You sent me a Koledy CD one time. I love listening to it. Don’t know if this is the one or not. But what a great way to spend the day. Gets you into the Christmas Spirit. By the way, Merry Christmas to you and Enjoy your Christmas Wigilia tomorrow night.!! Sounds wonderful.!! Enjoy.!!

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