Two in a row — more amazement

Today was a very long day, but also a very good day. And the amazement part of it from last night continued.

At 7 AM, Pat, Sonja, and I were in the lobby, and in walks in Bartek (see previous post) with two others. Today, Alicja’s mother, Ludwika, came to visit along with her son Marek’s daughter, Paulina. With Bartek and Paulina to translate, and with Sonia’s lapse into pretty darn good Polish, we had a truly wonderful and amazing visit.

Bartek brought along some pictures that his mother Alicja sent along. He has promised to scan them and send me the copies. Some are very old pictures, but they are all, of course, family pictures and quite valuable.

Ludwika is the mother of Alicja and the grandomother of Bartek and Paulina. The first thing that I thought was that she looked like my great grandfather Alex Symbal. Yes, she had that Symbal look. Suffice it to say that the time on the clock passed way too fast. We continued our visit over breakfast and were very sad when we had to end it to board our tour bus at 11 AM. But, this too was truly an amazing visit. I am so excited now and cannot wait to come back to visit, and I know that I will, very soon.

We did have time for some pictures once again and probably after my trip I will post them. But, we had to say goodbye after many hugs and kisses and a most enjoyable morning. The amazement cannot fit into words, you cannot imagine it all, it’s just too much to say any more about….

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