Sad Facts of Polish History

It’s a sad fact, but in order to bolster their cause in the war against the Axis during World War II, the Allies–most notably Roosevelt for the US and Churchill for Great Britain–carved up postwar Europe and “sacrificed” Poland by giving it to Stalin and the Soviet Union–and a lot of other countries were sacrificed as well. Sad.

But the Poles were a strong and proud people and could not be easily subjugated. Yes, there were some who willingly (and at times selfishly) embraced communism and its socialist ideas and worked against the spirit of the Polish peolpe. But subjugating the Poles was not easy and to help them accomplish that task, Stalin had his secret police. They were ruthless thugs and murderers. Between 1945 and 1956, historians believe they murdered and buried 284 Poles who were seen as “threats” to the communist regime.

Now a Polish institute has begun exhumation at the military cemetery in Warsaw where it’s believe these innocent people were buried after their murders. Officials from the Polish Institute of National Remembrance, which is leading the effort, said they found the first human remains on Tuesday – they found a skull of a victim that was likely killed by a shot to the back of the head. This exhumation ia a part of a nationwide project to find the final burial places of the victims of Communist terror, and to identify the bodies.

You can read more about this project here: Thankfully, the people of Poland remember these unfortunate victims, and remembering goes a long way in preventing similar behaviour in the future.

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