US complicity in the coverup of the horror of Katyń?

Well, it has finally come out. The US government has declassified thousand of pages of documents, and they indicate the the US was well aware of what the Soviets did in the Katyń forest in 1941: the murder of well over 20,000 Polish citizens, primarily military officers, university professors, intellectuals, and artists–the cream of the crop of Polish society, culture, and military. What was Stalin’s objective? The suppression of Poland, Polish nationalism, Polish opposition, and the Polish people, once and forever.

Many of us know about the horror of the crime committed at Katyń, and it is only in the last few years the the Russians have even acknowledge what happened there, the mass-murders committed by the Soviet secret police. But the western allies knew of the crime of Katyń at the time it happened and stood by and did nothing. So, the Roosevelt administration knew of the Soviet guilt for the mass-murders at Katyń, but covered it up because they didn’t want to anger Stalin? Such a sad page in history, when we hide the truth rather than let it speak for itself.

Now, nearly 70 years later, not many people care, I’m afraid. It it too bad, and so sad. But I care. I cannot forget. And it pains me to know that my government still, to some degree, has it’s back turned to the Polish people. For example, they need a Visa to visit the United State. For real. One of our most long-standing allies. It’s a shame, it’s truly a shame. One of President Obama’s promises in his last election was to fix that issue. Among his long list of failed promises, this is just another one. Sad.

But, let the world never forget what happened at Katyń and what we did about it: nothing. We covered it up. Time to repent and make amends. Let’s start today…..

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