Hard to Believe What Was Happening 69 Year Ago….

In Warsaw, Poland. Beginning on August 1st, 1944, the Polish Home Army in Warsaw rebelled against their German/Nazi oppressors. They had every reason to believe they’d be successful, especially with the Red Army only days away from entering Warsaw. But, they were wrong. Stalin’s Red Army stopped their advance and watched from the sideline. As the Polish Home Army fought the Germans who had superiority in weapons, machinery, and manpower, the Allies watched. Winston Churchill pleaded with Roosevelt to do something, but Roosevelt did not want to upset Stalin, and Stalin refused to allow allied planes to land at a nearby Soviet airport.

Today is August 30th, and 69 years ago today, the Poles were still fighting, and would go on to fight another month. The end results are history, thousands killed, thousands captured and executed by the Germans. In defiance of the US and Soviet Union, Churchill and the Polish Air Force based in Britain tried to send some aid, food and weapons drops.

But 69 years ago today, there was still fierce fighting going on in the heart of Warsaw. I’d hard for me to forget that. I hope the world never forgets….

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