St. Stanislaus RC Church in Tarnoruda, Ukraine

When I visited my cousins in Ukraine, we were fortunate to visit the church where my great-grandfather and his parents would have attended, St. Stanislaus in Tarnoruda. After World War II most of the Poles in the area (including some of my family) were “relocated” to Poland and as a result there are few Polish (and thus few Roman Catholic) people left in the area. However, we were fortunate to find the caretaker and visit the church.  I wrote about it previously, and that post has a link to the pictures I took.

However, I recently came across some pictures of this church on the Internet. Here is one of them:

St.Stanislaus.TarnorudaBut on top of that, I recently found some pictures on the Internet from a church procession in Tarnoruda in 1929. You can look them up for yourself, but here they are as well: Tarnoruda02 Tarnoruda01

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  1. Антон says:

    Thanks for the photos!Мой прадед Салях(Крулль)Ян Сильвестрович жил тут до 1935 года,пока его не выселили как “неблагонадежное” польское население подальше от границы.К сожалению, никогда тут не был, но думаю посетить место,несмотря на антиукраинскую пропаганду у нас в России.

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