Where it began, 01 Sept 1939

Westerplatte. That’s where the German/Nazi invasion of Poland–and the start of World War 2–began on September the 1st, 1939. I was there. No, not at the beginning of World War 2–I was at Westerplatte on September 1, 2010, joining with thousands of others to commemorate the place where World War 2 began. 

It was a very moving experience. The President of Poland was there, and many other dignitaries. Lots of people, young and old, made the journey for the service. It began promptly at 04:48 AM (yes, we were up early), the exact moment when the first shots were fired. It was a moving moment, and it still moves me today. You can read my original post on this experience here. And I posted some of the pictures I took here

It is worth remembering, so we never forget. The total casualties of World War 2 eventually tallied somewhere between 50,000,000 and 80,000,000, and amazing number. If we don’t remember history, we’re bound to repeat it. Unfortunately, there are many today who do not remember. Sad.

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