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I am learning Polish. Of course, I already knew a very, very little bit of Polish, from my earliest years. I remember the words for bread, butter, milk, and a few others from my childhood. I’ve never forgotten those. And when I hear Polish spoken, it sounds “familiar” to me because many of my relatives spoke it when I was a child. To this day there are certain words which would probably twist up most people’s tongues, but to me they just sound normal. Like the word wszytko which means “everything.” I just remember the word, and remember hearing it. Other words I know include those for breat, butter, milk, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, sausage, and a whole bunch of others.

On the darker side of things, there are a few words I remember which are not good words. Well, they are good words, but only when you want to swear. I remember those because when my grandpa would use them in front of me, grandma would scold him for using them. So i paid special attention to them. In truth a know a few choice Polish swear words, and like to use them once in a while, since those around me have no clue what I’m saying.

But, back to seriousness. I am working on my Polish, and diligently lately. Like over an hour or more every night. My mainstay is using Rosetta Stone. It is a fine program and I am learning a lot from it. But I’m also finding some other web resources to help me, and recently found a web site that tries to connect people wanting to learn various languages–you can connect using email, text messaging, and even Skype. How cool is that.

I know that i can learn words, but I have to use them in order to be able to use and understand the language. That’s where I am at, at a beginning level. But I’m working on it.

My plan for 2011 is to return to Poland in the late summer to visit my cousin Alicja–she has graciously invited me. I know she is working on learning English. And with me learning Polish along with the help of others like her son who speaks both and of course a dictionary, I believe we’ll make out fine. I sure hope so.

So, periodically I may blog about my Polish learning. I’m sure that right now a Polish 2-year-old could run circles around me in the language department. But look out! I’m smart and determined. And finding out that it sounds “familiar.” Here I come!

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  1. Ravinder says:

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