The Oldest Restaurant in Europe?

I enjoy reading the blog Polandian. It’s an English blog about Poland and Polish things. Sometimes it’s quite tongue-in-cheek, sometimes serious, but often times light-hearted. However, you can learn a lot about Poles and Poland if you read it–but take it all with a grain of salt (in other words, not too seriously).

So I was surprise tonight when I checked it out and found a story there about the oldest restaurant in Europe–supposedly. I’ve been there! Well, not in the restaurant, but i noticed it when we visited Wrocław last summer. I first noticed the name,  Piwnica Swidnicka. Loosely translated (by me), I took it to mean Beer Cellar–but probably means somethign more like a brewery in the cellar. However it gets its name, it’s a cute name. I have pictures of it from the outside. Unfortunately my time in Wrocław was way too short, and I never did get inside of it. Now I will have to go back to do so. You can read more about it on the Polandian web site, or just Google the name. It may (or may not) truthfully be the oldest restaurant in Europe, but it dates back at least 700 years, that’s pretty old in my book!

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