I need your help translating Polish Christmas Carols (Kolędy)

I am looking for some help. I have lots of books that have Polish Christmas Carols (Kolędy) in Polish, and others that have them in both Polish and English. But when they are translated into English, the are somewhat “romanticized”…..that is, the meaning may be changed a bit to make the English words fit the original melody.

I am interesting in a more literal translation. And so I’m starting a new series of blog posts. I am going to post a traditional Polish Christmas Carol (Kolędy) in both Polish and in my more literal translation. Remember, I’m more interested in the meaning of the Polish words. I am using a combination of things to do this, including Google Translate (yes, yuck!), the University of Pittsburgh online Polish dictionary, as well as my own knowledge and other things. But sometimes, because these carols are so old and use old words and constructions, I just can’t figure them out.

So, if you have any knowledge or understanding of Polish, I’d appreciate your assistance. As I post these beautiful Kolędy lyrics and my somewhat literal English translation, please, please, feel free to correct me and add suggestions. You can comment directly on the post or send me correction to my email address, leon@leonkonieczny.com.


And look for the first one (Cicha Noc, or Silent Night) soon!

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