Polish History Lesson in 8 minutes

Do you really know much about Polish history. If you are like most Americans, the answer is, sadly, “no.” And worse yet, what little you do know is skewed and unbalanced. But the truth of the matter is that Poland has a long and glorious history, at one time the largest and most powerful nation in Europe, home to a form of government that was in some ways a model for our US government, and yet a nation often fought over, and one which eventually succumbed to internal squabbles and external forces, only to rise again.

But, if you want an objective, 8-minute “short story” of Polish history, you can hear the words of acclaimed British scholar Norman Davies. He has spent a lifetime studying Poland and Polish history, and presents a fair and balanced perspective in this brief clip: http://youtu.be/3OoSdnebLxw.

It is well worth your time.

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