The Home of Jan Cymbał

Jan Cymbał is my great-great grandfather. He was born somewhere in the mid 1800’s in Tarnoruda in what was once Poland, but at that time was in the Austrian province of Galacia. At some time, he moved to the nearby village of Faszczowka (now Faschivka in Ukraine). When I visited our cousins in Faschivka in 2011, Aunt Hania took us to see the house that was once Jan’s. The house is there to this day, but appears abandoned, and is locked. There is a shed/barn nearby, and along with a root cellar, the buildings form a U-shape. The place is in disrepair. Like about half the dwellings in Faschivka today, the owners have left, abandoning them. But I got to visit the home of my great-great grandfather, Jan Cymbał and his wife Rose (Rozalia Suszczynski). It was awesome to stand on the ground that he stood on, and the home that I presume my great-grandfather Alex Symbal left when he came to America in about 1906.

You can see the pictures here:

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  1. Mary Boh says:

    That is awesome Leon.!! Thanks so much for sharing this.!! Aunt Mary

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