Tłusty Czwartek — Fat Thursday

Today is Fat Thursday in Poland, Tłysty Czwartek in Polish. As the Christmas season and the following Karniwal come to an end and the season penitence, fast and abstinence–Lent–approaches, Poles take a bit of a time out to indulge in a favorite food on this day–pączki. What is a pączek (singular for the plural, pączki)? It is a yeast-raised donut, usually sugared and stuffed with something yummy. In Poland today, people line up at their favorite bakery and buy them by the dozens. Millions upon millions of pączki will be sold today in Poland–and eaten.

I am fortunate. Here in Central Florida, each year, Publix sells pączki at this time of year.


Inside this package is a bit of supreme goodness. Pictured below are the last moments of the pączek i devoured just a moment ago:


A glazed and sugared, raspberry-stuffed yeast donut, gently fried and packaged just for my eating pleasure–and I did take great pleasure in its demise. Good thing they come four to a package.

So, why not join millions of Poles in Poland and around the world this Tłusty Czwartek–Fat Thursday–and enjoy some delicious pączki. I found mine at Publix in the deli/bakery section:



Want to learn more about Fat Thursday? Check this out: http://polska.pl/en/experience-poland/cuisine/fat-thursday-not-always-on-a-sweet-note/

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